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Auto Makeover first started our car grooming business in 1992 as Auto Clean and Shine Services to provide car detailing, cleaning and related grooming services. In 1995, we also started a subsidiary branch, Serangoon Clean and Shine Services, to service the increasing growth of customers specifically in the Serangoon area. In 2005, Auto Clean underwent re-branding to refocus our Mission, our Purpose and the Betterment of our company. Auto Clean was then renamed Auto Makeover Pte Ltd to reflect more appropriately on the nature of our business. 

Over the last 29 years, we have established ourselves with the huge support of our customers to be a very reliable, reputable and cost-effective service provider to constantly maintain their cars in pristine conditions. 

We Make It Shine
Auto Makeover aims to be the most reliable and trustworthy car grooming services provider in every neighbourhood of Singapore.

We are constantly focused on innovating. We believe in quality over quantity so that the focus can be on our customers' cars. We believe in keeping our customers in pristine showroom condition with our Professional Car Grooming Services.

We also hope to put a smile on our customer's faces by constantly striving to provide better services and value to to our customers.

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