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Membership Terms & Agreement


1. It is mutually understood that the acceptance of this application for the Auto Grooming      package by Auto Makeover Pte Ltd and/or any of its franchises shall constitute a contract and shall be binding on both parties subject to the terms and conditions listed here.

2. The Auto Makeover Pte Ltd package is strictly for the applicant and the designated car as indicated in this application form. This package is not transferrable to any other car or person not specified in this form. Only the Auto Makeover Pte Ltd Family Package can be used to groom any cars and has no expiry date.

3. When there is a legitimate change of vehicle ownership, the package will be transferred to the applicant’s new car after a transfer fee of $20 has been paid. In addition to the transfer fee, a once-off-re-treatment fee of between $20 to $80 will be levied. The amount of levy to be charged will be dependent on the condition of the paint work and size of vehicle.

4. This package is for the duration spelt out in this application form. Unused or cancelled agreements are not exchangeable for cash or refund. In the event of that the applicant is not able to secure appointment for his/her regular grooming, the manager must be informed immediately to resolve the matter. Carrying over of unused services beyond the spelt duration is not allowed. The manager can be reached at the Mobile Number: 97397879.

5. Services for the applicant will be by appointment only. Non-appointment cases will be entertained at the sole discretion of the branch manager and will be subject to availability.

6. For applicant who wants to groom at the car outlets throughout Singapore, he/she is entitled to the number of services as specified in the contract which will include all steps relevant to the appropriate grooming package chosen.

7. Existing applicant of the package will be levied a surcharge on an ad-hoc basis as and when the car paint work is damaged by sandblasting grits or any other foreign paint particles.

8. The fee for the auto groom packages vary from car to car depending on the size model/ colour and paint condition of the car. The fee is also subject to change without notice.

9. Applicant will be issued with a car decal specifying the vehicle number, date of expiry, type of package chosen and serial number which he/she must display clearly on the car windscreen. He/She will also be issued with an appointment card which he/she must bring along at every appointment. The branch staff are authorised to remove and retain all invalid expired or tampered decals and the full amount of the package will then be made payable again. Car without the company issued decal and appointment cards will not be serviced.

10. Lost decals and/or appointment cards will be replaced with a surcharge of $30 for each replacement. The remaining number of services will be pro-rated from the date of the replacement to be dated of the original expiry.

11. Auto Makeover Pte Ltd reserved the absolute right to relocate any of its outlets. In such cases the applicant agrees to be serviced by the next most convenient outlet without seeking damages or claims against the company.

12. Auto Makeover Pte Ltd reserves the right to assign the obligation and/or benefits of this agreement or any other person without notice to the applicant.

13. The applicant is to remove cash, cash card, handphone, laptop, camera, handbag, etc and all valuables from the car before each auto groom service and Auto Makeover Pte Ltd shall not be held responsible or liable for any items that may be found missing thereafter.

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